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The story began in 1992: Marcel Bigot, or Pépé, arranged a committee with some friends who had vehicles prior to the First World War. This association took place in the Sarthe and the 35 cars commemorated the French races of 1911 and 1912.

Face to the success of this event, he organized it again in 1994 and 1996; but he didn't in 1998.

In March 1998, the president Didier Timon, and Martial Soulard, took up a new challenge: they founded ACA72: Association pour la Coupe des Ancêtres de la Sarthe which goal is the management of this event. Joined by Marcel Geslot, Michel Pontier, Michel Roullier and Gérard Bouquet, they arranged the 4th "Coupe des Ancêtres" with the participation of  26 cars.

Now, every two years, between 35 and 40 cars come from all the France and from foreign countries (Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, Switzerland) as to discover the culture, the architecture, the automotive heritage and the gastronomy of the Sarthe and border areas.

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